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Are you are looking for professional help for your festival or event? Someone who is experienced in operations? Then you have arrived at the right place.

Established Festivals/Events

Is your festival established, but wanting to be more efficient? Event Management Consultants provides festival coordination the enhances what you have established providing:

  • Better sourcing of vendors and cost controls.
  • Evaluation and improvement of systems
  • Behind the scenes professional coordination and supervision that allows you to focus on your public and branding.

Established Festivals/Events

  • Assistance with business plan development.
  • Board and volunteer development assistance.
  • Training for coordinators and volunteers.
  • Site plan development, including infrastructure assessment.

Casino/Winery Events

  • Booking
  • Assistance in Event planning and production
  • Equipment rentals - Tech support (including sound reinforcement and lighting)
  • Vendor screening and recruitment